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Listen Now!   YouTube | Spotify

I grew up on Elton John, Billy Joel, and Barry Manilow. My love for music comes from my mother who would "make me" (although I truly loved to) sing along with Sinatra, Andy Williams and many more...


As a teenager, I performed frequently while being in my high school chorus every year. I even remember auditioning the classic songs, “On A Clear Day" and “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head…” which got me accepted to the High School of Music and Art. I also loved the vocals, beats and rhythms of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as well. I had a dream of being a professional singer in my youth. 


Although life took me in another direction, my passion and love for music has never waned. It’s only bubbled up to the surface more and more in the past few years. When my beautiful daughter became a bride, I was inspired to write an original song that would be used for our father-daughter dance. It was actually the first song that I had ever written. I even recently became interested in writing a story, a musical about addiction and recovery. 


While dining with a dear friend, who was familiar with my musical idea, Ed suggested I meet his friend. He introduced me to my now music partner and collaborator, a daily songwriter, producer and artist, by the name of Benjamin Hey! 


Ben and I have been creating some amazing, genre bending, quality songs together over the last few years. I am proud to announce that one of those songs… “Powerless" …will be made available on digital music streaming platforms on Monday, 3/14/2022: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

Powerless is a pop/rock vocal ballad that deserves your undivided attention. It is my first single as a music artist. Ben and I have written it together and we have co-produced the finished product with the help of music producer, Arthur Pingrey. 


I want to express gratitude to Ben for helping me realize my music vision and broadening my music interests by introducing me to some quality Hip-Hop and R&B songs. I now find myself writing rhymes during my 4:00am bathroom visits!   

(His music can be found on


I also want to express gratitude to my wonderful family (Amy, Lauren, Gregory, Patrick & Harper) and l look forward to this next chapter of creativity that will allow my love for music to flourish.


I would appreciate any and all support for my first foray into the music industry and want you to know that more will come.

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