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Closeout Letter

December 27, 2023

Hey kids,


What a year! JBM now has 5 songs out in the world. We’ve been slowly building a rich catalog of genre-bending music that I would be proud of years later.


Powerless was released March 2022 and we are now over 300,000 streams (YouTube & Spotify). For context, 100,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify DAILY. 

Ra-ta-tat-tat is almost 200,000 with No Samples not too far behind that. 


Revenge & Love You More are also growing with an worldwide audience. While these numbers are nice, the most important message I want to drive home, is that JBM make music that moves you. 


I write this to say that I am grateful to have this chapter as an artist and for all the love that I have gotten this far. My music collaborator and artist Ben & I have  been working hard in the studio and have more tunes on the way. Please keep commenting, sharing and liking the music! 


More to come in 2024!

Happy Holidays from the JBM Family.


Love Your More, Out Now!

September 26, 2023

Hey kids,

And the beat goes on…


I have some new music to share!



“Love You More"


I hope you kids enjoy this song! I co-wrote it with my incredible collaborator, Benjamin Hey! and co-produced it with the phenomenal Arthur Pingrey.


The song is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon. There is a lyric video available now on YouTube and more “Love You More” content to come.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Spotify.


Please comment, like and share to get this music out there!



Love You More artwork official.jpg

It's a collab!

September 26, 2023


April 13, 2023

Hey kids,

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I released “Powerless” but I’m learning that quality tunes…take time. It is now time to release more music into the world.


Today, I’m grateful to present…”Revenge.”


This amazing song written by my collaborator, Benjamin Hey!, allowed me to utilize my voice in new ways. It also had me tap into my acting muscles especially when it came to the performance. 


The song is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon. There is a lyric video available now on YouTube and more “Revenge” content to follow.


I hope you kids will enjoy “Revenge” as much as I did. The experience behind it has truly been amazing. 


Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Spotify.  Please comment, like and share to get this music out there!



A look back at '22

December 21, 2022

Hey kids!


What a year 2022 has been for John Beyer Music (JBM) I became a first time recording artist, and released my first single ever, “Powerless.” That song hit over 200,000 combined streams/views on various digital streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, TikTok & Instagram).  


My artist/collaborator Benjamin Hey! saw similar numbers on his two JBM distributed songs “Ra-ta-tat-tat” & “No Samples.”

Our music took us to Sterling Sound, where we got to work with legendary engineer Chris Gehringer (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lizzo) and Spotify HQ where Ben performed “Ra-ta-tat-tat” live. 


We’ve created a news section of the site for all of the press JBM has received. Check out blogs and interviews here

I wanted to release more than 3 songs this year but quality takes time. I have learned many lessons and made many mistakes but I’m proud that I haven’t stopped taking action on my music dreams. It’s never too late to go after your dreams. Mark my words, I will have a gold record and many hits to come!


Thank you for the streams, listens, views but most of all the support, kids. More music will come in 2023.


The beat goes on…




New Release: No Samples

October 17, 2022

Hey kids,


Thank you all for your love and support around

 “Ra- ta-tat-tat.” Ben and I are really proud of it. It continues to do well on Spotify hitting over 100,000 streams. Most importantly, we are getting the message out about gun violence.


Please check out our latest release titled…”No Samples” 

“No Samples” is about not settling for the love that we all deserve. As one of the lyric lines states, it’s ok to be  “holding out for something special and amazing.” 

The music was produced by an emerging hip-hop producer named Young Cutta. 


My artist, Ben, brings his personal experience to the song which he nails with an earthy and soulful vocal performance! My input was to help him select the best lyrics that would give the song its greatest potential.


Please stream, comment and share “No Samples” from the following platforms:


Listen now on Spotify

Listen now on YouTube


Thank you for your support! 




We hit 1,000!

July 15, 2022

Hey kids!

Today is a special day.

We have hit 1,000 views of “Powerless” on YouTube!

Thank you everyone who has streamed, listened and commented on my debut song… “Powerless”

 I could not have done it without your organic engagement.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love you all and remember…

“It takes strength to admit we are powerless…”


John Beyer Music hits 1,000 views on YouTube.jpg

Response to the recent gun violence throughout the country

June 2, 2022

Another week goes by and still no action has been taken to protect the innocent from gun violence. When Ben & I wrote “Ra-ta-tat-tat”, it was targeted towards inner cities but as we all can see…it’s an issue for this entire country. 


June is Gun Violence Awareness month and we will continue to get this song and the message out there as gun violence is a growing concern.


Please watch, comment and share the “Ra-ta-tat-tat” music video starring my lead artist and collaborator, Benjamin Hey!


Listen now on YouTube

Thank you and stay safe kids,



New Release: Ra-ta-tat-tat

May 6, 2022

Hey kids!


Today is a big day! 

I’m proud to announce the release of “Ra-ta-tat-tat.”


This song is quite  a departure from “Powerless.” 

I had a burning need to write and release a song that talked about gun violence.

“Ra-ta-tat-tat” is a plea to end gun violence, particularly in the inner cities. 

This song is a powerful collaboration between Benjamin Hey! & myself.


He is the artist featured on the song. He is also the lead artist on my new imprint, John Beyer Music, LTD.


We co-wrote the song together and it was also co-produced by Doobie Duke Sims.


This is my first foray into hip-hop and Ben really helped bring the message to life. 


Please stream, comment and share from the following platforms:

Listen now on YouTube

Listen now on Spotify

Thank you for your support!



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